Laura and Dwight, driving on I-75 north, discussing American politics.

This was actually recorded December 22nd, but because of sound issues, I hadn't put it online until I bought Sound Soap. There's a lot of engine noise, but you should have heard it before!
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Ah, I lost my K7 number because it only lasts for 30 days between calls. Luckily, Tee Morris of Morevi and Podcasting for Dummies (Hey, that's me!) got me a beta of Google's Grand Central to try out. It's pretty cool and goes to my home number or cellphone.

So leave me a call. I will also be using this for Rocky Horror Pod Show, or you can just call me if you want to stalk me, regardless. If you hit the blue button over to the right, you can have Grand Central call for free. I also have a very limited number of invitations for Grand Central, if you want one - first come first serve.

Category: Blog post -- posted at: 1:08 PM

Sasha and Laura discuss Sasha's trip with the Outlanders, her steampunk airship crew to represent Zeitguyz game developers at the Danish D3 Expo in Copenhagen.
Direct download: CATS72.mp3
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Sasha is back!

Marijuana is bad. Boozin' is better.

Sasha's hair is discussed as well.
Direct download: CATS71.mp3
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Today I talk about Bratz dolls and how they are better than Barbies, though much sluttier.

I also play "Insectgirl" by Adrienne Pierce, from her album Small Fires, courtesy of Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS70.mp3
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This is a love letter to my adopted hometown of Atlanta.

I also play "City of Light" by Shams, from The Evolution of Creation.
Direct download: CATS69.mp3
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On this show, I talk about Billy, the boy I fell in love with in the second grade. Le sigh....

Also music by Martha Redbone, "Boyfriend" from her album Home of the Brave.
Direct download: CATS68.mp3
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I hire Libsyn to host Coffee and Tea Show and for that I get 250 mb of disk space for the podcast, which clears out once a show has been up for 30 days.

However, with the National Podcast Post Month in full swing, I just ran out of room. I am going to host the remaining shows elsewhere and post links where you can download them if you like, or if you are a subscriber, you can wait around until I get more freed-up space and these last four shows will then turn up one-by-one on your podcatcher. You may not even notice the lapse.

At any rate, thank you for listening to my silly little show! I love you guys.
Direct download: CATSnoroom.mp3
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I am out of room on this website for the time being, although Libsyn is good about freeing up space after 30 days.

It has been suggested that I come up with another hosting site for the other four remaining NaPodPoMo shows and then post a link once I set them up, so that's what I am going to do. I am strongly considering using Podshow, as Madge from Yeast Radio suggested.

Rest assured, the four remaining shows will be brought back into the Libsyn RSS feed once there is room here for them, so if you are listening to Coffee and Tea Show from iTunes, Zune, or another podcatcher, the shows will just show up a few days late for you.

The whole point of the National Podcast Post Month though is to actually create and post a show every day in November, with nothing said about it being all on the same feed, so technically this is okay. If anyone else has any suggestions though, be sure to leave me some comments. This is really sort of an emergency. But not really.
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Tonight's show is another color episode, this time on the color green.

Music played is "Green Girl" by John Romano, which can also be found on Podsafe Music Network.
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Via voicemail, I was asked what animals creep me out. That's easy: cockroaches, bees and wasps, and raccoons.

I also play "Cockroach Hotel" by Jigsaw Soul from their album Bound to Collide.
Direct download: CATS66.mp3
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Today I tell some jokes. How funny they are is up to your interpretation. Maia laughed.

Also I looked through a notebook that Maia drew in a couple of years ago and interpreted some of the photos. If you are interested in following along, I scanned and uploaded the drawings to Flickr. I also based the album art on one of the drawings.

Today's music is "Rabbit in a Log" by The Stanley Brothers, which was recorded for Virginia Roots, a new limited-time, digital only compilation from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, in celebration of the 41st annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This bluegrass tune can also be found on Podsafe Music Network.

Don't forget to check out the other podcasters participating in NaPodPoMo!
Direct download: CATS65.mp3
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Today I have my listener Parker on the show via Skype to talk about amusing tales of pants. We also go on tangents about eyeliner on boys, emo kids, my brother-in-law who was in a Christian grunge band called Omega Rage, and whenever Sasha will be back.

Parker recommends the podcasts The Lifted Lorax Show, Erraticast and It's Not Us It's You.

Our Podsafe Music Network song is "Emo Days (Daddy Why Did You Wear Girl Pants?)" by WWIII from their album Retarded.
Direct download: CATS64.mp3
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Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!

TV's Kyle performs "Happy Thanksgiving Day" from Why Fidelity?
Direct download: CATS63.mp3
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I am using a new-for-me MXLV63M mic that was kindly sent by DJ and Michael Dean of Clone the Homeless podcast, DIY or Die, StinkFight, and other ventures. Doesn't it sound great? Thanks guys!

I am not afraid of spiders. I rather like them.

Also, I need a guest host for Rocky Horror Pod Show, unless I can get Cesar to do it pretty soon. That show hasn't been recorded in over a month.

Today's music is "Spiders" by The General and Duchess Collins from their album Calling Earth.

Direct download: CATS62.mp3
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I don't wanna podcast. I've been procrastinating.

I know the number on the album art is wrong. Deal.

Tonight's music from Podsafe Music Network: "Talkin' 'Bout My Dogs" by Boo Boo Davis from his album East St. Louis.
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 Today Dwight and I talk about atheism as well has his two blogs: The Naked Atheist and Atheology. The nature of faith is discussed as well as how Dwight came to reject the teachings of the church and his family's reactions.

Then we play "That's Life" by Anthony Hugh from his album Hunki Dori, which we got from Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS60.mp3
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I recorded this at around 3:30 a.m. and am very tired and having waking dreams.

If anyone who listens to Rocky Horror Pod Show is also listening to this and would like to guest host, let me know. Cesar hasn't been able to record and the show is way overdue.

Bob Denver's character of Maynard G. Krebbs was far superior to Gilligan.

I play "4am Slam Over Coffee" by Daniel Link from his album Color of Rain. I found him on Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS59.mp3
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I woke up very early and play voicemail about hated food from Shawno of Hyper Nonsense and also from our listener David, who likes the magician Chris Angel (warning, turn your speakers down if you click that link!) and heard him interviewed on The Lifted Lorax Show podcast as well as Larry King. Thanks for the heads up guys!

Then I rant about my horrific hair. The album art contains an actual un-retouched photo of my crowning glory taken with Photo Booth this actual morning.

I then rock out to "Spilling Coffee on my Blue Jeans" by Hairspray Blues which I got from Podsafe Music Network.

Direct download: CATS58.mp3
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Jeff Wagg, the General Manager of the James Randi Educational Foundation very kindly agreed to be on the show and talk about cars he had. We also dwell on solar power, biodiesel, guitars, dogs driving cars, old girlfriends, sketchy wiccans, Easter candy, motor homes, the Solar Bus, atheism, a challenge issued to any deities out there, 1970s painted Chevy vans with shag carpet interiors, and the Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. Enjoy!
Direct download: CATS57.mp3
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It is a very rainy night, which is a good thing since there is a horrible drought. Tonight's show is short as I had a semi-bad asthma attack an hour earlier and my voice is suffering.

Tonight I am playing Allison Crow's sad and beautiful "Pray for Rain."

Direct download: CATS56.mp3
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I come out of the closet as a shy, easily-intimidated ball of wuss.

I also play "Good Night, Sita" by Bobtail Yearlings, from their album Yearlings Bobtail.
Direct download: CATS55.mp3
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Today I have a voicemail from fellow NaPodPoMo podcaster Will Brown from Cloudy Day Art Poetry about fear of darkness.

I also talk about my boring diet and also food I hate. Got any food you despise? Let me know at 206-338-6194.

Today's music from Podsafe Music Network is "Food" by Dierdre Flint from her album Then Again.

Direct download: CATS54.mp3
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Today's show explores fear of darkness, or nyctophobia.
I get a phone call from Shawno from Hyper Nonsense.

"Killers in the Dark" by 404 from their album Hype is the featured musical selection.
Direct download: CATS53.mp3
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Today's episode is an interview with Kim McFarland, a fantastic Dr. Frank N Furter as well as a fan of the 1990's era CGI-based cartoon Reboot. Kim runs the website Slack & Hash's Domain and is friends with noted illustrator Lar DeSouza, who was instrumental in helping generate her interest in the series.

Reboot is now in the midst of a revival which you can read about on the Zeros2Heroes website, particularly in the Reboot blog.
Direct download: CATS52.mp3
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I have gotten back to my neglected series of colors I started (and only did one episode on) back on September 29th, when I did Blue. Today I am doing the color Pink.

Music I am playing today is Gert - "Pink Skirt" - which I found on Podshow Podsafe Music.
Direct download: CATS51.mp3
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It's Coffee and Tea Show's 50th episode!

Today I talk about pet rats we used to have. I bring up the great Ben video that Crispin Glover did for the movie Willard. Also the movie The Abyss had a sweet rat that made me want to get one.

I play music that has been sitting in my Podshow Podsafe Music playlist for a long time: Netherlands band Fluox Speelt Fluox's great song "Tedeebedibbedib."
Direct download: CATS50.mp3
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A situation where a rat tried to get in through the window on the second story prompts a podcast about wild animals that have gotten into my house.

Today's music is "Animals Wearing Clothes" by The Deadly Syndrome, from their album The Ortolan. You can find them on Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS49.mp3
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Whew, Libsyn was down for most of the night and into the morning and I was afraid I wasn't going to get this posted in time!

On this episode, I chat with Megan, a listener. We discuss college, roommates, dorms, steampunk, anime, cool movies, and musical theater.

This is the first time I have used the Skype and Hot Recorder combination and I find the sound quality much better than that of Gizmo's built-in recorder. I hope to have more called-in shows during the course of this month. Would anyone else like to be interviewed? Let me know!
Direct download: CATS48.mp3
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I just joined Podcast Peer Awards, my favorite of all the podcasting awards because it's peer-based. Others are People's Choice Podcast Awards and Parsec Awards. I rant about popularity contests and self-promotion. That's boring to me as a listener and annoying to me as a podcaster.

I play "Look At Me" by Globus. It can be found on the Podsafe Music Network.
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