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Dwight, Halley, her friend Michael and I have been working in the backyard all day trying to destroy an English ivy mat that has taken over the place. When we had dogs, we sort of let them have run of the yard, but now they both passed away from old age and since Halley's home from college and mosquito season is over, she felt it was time to tackle this problem. The ivy was probably planted in our woodsy neighborhood sometime in the 50s or 60s and all the neighbors have had a terrible time erradicating it. Now it's our turn.

We're starting in one corner of the yard and rolling it up like carpet, pulling up roots as we go. It's slow going and we are all very sore and scraped up. It's a lot of hard work for four out-of-shape people. If we were less scrupulous and had more money, we'd be tempted to hire some of the men who hire themselves out as day laborers.

We just ate some pizza and took a little break, but now it's back to the yardwork. Any tips to make this go easier? Can we just compost the ivy or do we need to bag it up and carry it to the curb?

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Lately we had been noticing that people who subscribe to our show on iTunes had been also subscribing to other coffee casts, most notably the apparently podfaded show Starbucks Coffee Conversations, in which a tasting expert does a cupping  in the first show and spews coffee, several times. Hilarious, and yet dull--this is dry-as-dust corporate podcasting at its worst.

Of course, Sasha shows off her newly revealed skills as a cupping expert to show us all how it was done.

Leave us voice messages at 206-338-6194 or email us at coffeeandteashow @ or go to our MySpace page.
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Voicemail: 206-338-6194. Short show tonight--after a long absence from podcasting, Sasha's back.

Sasha and her friend Colin went to see Amy Sedaris doing a question and answer and signing for her new book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence at the Decatur Library.

Laura and Dwight originally tried to buy a house there or around there.

Sasha and her old boyfriend Brian were held up at gunpoint in East Atlanta when she was still in high school.

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