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Circumstances have been such that I haven't been able to get this show edited and online until now. I apologize. However, this is our 25th show! Who'da thunk?

This is a pets episode. Laura had two dogs and a bunch of rats (42) die recently.

Sasha tells about her pet dove Phineas Gage. She had a red claw crab named Crunchy Pete, who died fairly recently.

Laura's grandfather forced her family to have quails when they were kids. Laura isn't sure why.

Sasha had an aunt who would kill and eat pet chickens that had names. This reminds Laura and Sasha of how traumatic it is to pick out a live lobster to eat (Laura is glad to be a vegetarian.).

Laura's daughter Halley bit a small fish when she was little.

Laura's cat bothered everyone because she wanted to sleep on top of the monitor since the house was cold. She complained throughout the show.

Sasha's dad stepped on a goldfish once.

Laura used to play with baby turtles at a Kresge's dime store in East Tennessee in the early '60s when she was a little kid unless the clerks yelled at her.

Sasha liked to harass parakeets at Woolworth's.

Sasha doesn't like to pet potbelly pigs. Sturgeon are good to pet. Laura likes it when minnows nibble on you in mountain streams.

Canada geese and swans are intimidating.

A discussion about the children's section at Zoo Atlanta.

Coffee and Tea Show is a member of blubrry.com.

Song from Podshow Podsafe Music Network is "Black Coffee" by Stephanie Harger.

Congratulations to our homegirl Leann from Tag In The Seam podcast for being picked as Guest Pickler on Podcast Pickle.

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Short intro, due to having to pick up Maia. Don't worry folks, Sasha's still around. She's been really busy with work and finals.

Does anyone have any experience with editing really long sound pieces? We have a three-hour recording from Sasha that needs to be edited down and don't know if any of our software will even open it.

Our first song from music.podshow.com is "Greasy Coffee Beans" by Robert Morgan Fisher from his album Follow a Hunch.

Halley is going on a trip to Costa Rica possibly.

We discuss Project Runway. That show is full of outrageous product placement and nasty accusations.

Laura redyed her hair. It is now burgandy and purple.

Dwight is eating diabetic candy and is in danger of getting the trots.

Our friend Daniel calls. He discusses a book he's writing. We heard from our friend Ray in Eugene, Oregon who is planning to marry his latest prisoner girlfriend. Daniel is a prison nurse, so he knows a lot about it. Daniel now is trying out Linux because we all agree we hate Windows Genuine Advantage. We also diss Republicans. The call ends in a barrage of bad jokes.

We are members of blubrry.com, where you can find lots of great podcasts.

We end podcast with "Ragtop Cadillac" by George Fletcher and his band Bourbon Renewal from his album Ain't the Worst That You Could Find.

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Poor Miss Polly can't pay the rent-- whatever shall she do?

It's really short. Enjoy.

Coffee and Tea Show is proud to be part of Blubrry.com where apparently E's do not exist. You can find plenty of great podcasts there.

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Coffee and Tea Show is now a member of blubrry.com, the Mack Daddy of podcast sites.

The talented and uber-wonderful George Hrab, whose music we've played a couple of times before, created this promo for us. Enjoy!

We haven't been able to record too many episodes lately because nobody can get together at the same time. Also Laura's working on Rocky Horror Pod Show which has a far stricter release schedule.

Apache Cafe Art Mondays Green Space show info.

We're going to Clermont Lounge to celebrate Sasha's birthday tonight. If I can get a recording, I'll post it at the end (and indeed it is!).

Laura and Coffee and Tea Show got a great mention on Graham Holland's "It's a Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast" episode 6. Laura got a "Golden Graham" award. Heh heh.

Laura's old dog Shadow died on Friday. He had been getting old and sick and Laura waited until she was sure to take him to the vet to be put down and then it was too late. Laura tells stories about Shadow.

Tonight's music from music.podshow.com is "Diatomaceous Earth" from The Blue Vagrants on their album Some Kind of Paradise.

Finally, a clip from Sasha, Joe, James, Dwight, Kaitee, and Laura after we leave Clermont Lounge telling about all the great times we had with the strippers in there.

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