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We are proud to announce that we are now listed in blubrry.com, a social podcast site. Please check it out--you'll find it easy to navigate and there are lots of great shows there. Remember, it's blubrry, without the "e"s.

Tonight, we have a visitor in the studio: Sasha's buddy Kaitee. The show is therefore totally out of control, you may notice.

Sasha's sunburn.

Backlit portraits are for sale on Buford Highway. Also, Twin Tower pictures with clouds that look like spaceships are available for purchase there as well.

"Hi, little cock!"

Sasha's desire to wear Kaitee's skin is brought up.

Sasha used to dress in My Size Barbie clothes.

Suddenly something large falls on the roof. What is going on out there? A storm is brewing!

Kaitee desires swing chairs at Renn Fest.

Spam emails are explained to Maia.

Nipples the size of dinner plates are brought up.

Kaitee played the oboe-hay. Sasha played the Chinese finger trap. Everyone was really good at playing demo keys.

Maia wants to move to Antartica.

A frozen mammoth is eaten.

KY jelly is nasty on toast.

In Kentucky, it's against the law to eat horses, we think.

Kaitee was in Laura's Girl Scout troop the last year Laura was a leader.

We decide to close down because a violent storm is on its way.

Tonight's music is Psykosoul -"Dirty Stank Hell" which can be found on music.podshow.com.

Check out Maia's webpage Muffinbread and Kaitee's LJ blog Emmlaar

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Much of this show was recorded while stuck in a horrific rainy traffic jam in Buckhead. Gah, it was dreadful. But we recorded a lot of it in the car.

In traffic, we talk about how hungry we are, the state of grocery stores in Atlanta, point out sex shops and other stores, look for places to eat (we eventually eat at Taco Bell), and sing.

Finally we get back and talk about bikes we had as kids and what our bikes looked like. Laura tells about her mom's WWII-era burning desire for a bike and how she couldn't get one due to steel rationing.

This leads us to 9/11/01. Dwight was working server support at that time and the folks at the World Trade Center were big customers. Sasha tells about freaky 9/11 commemorative coins she saw on TV. Right after 9/11, many patriotic Americans hung flags on their cars but left them there so long the flags were faded and shredded, which IMHO is disrespectful. Sasha brings up flags on clothing and Laura tells about the Reuters photos of George and Laura Bush stepping on the flag carpet, apparently grinding the flag under their heels. Ahem, Mr. President.

We then admire a statuette of a Canadian mountie we have in the studio. We are all about the awesomeness of Jodhpur pants.

Music tonight: George Hrab-"Brainsbodyboth" from Coelacanth. This can be found on music.podshow.com.

How many words must I look up the spelling for? Just kidding-- we love you George!

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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

In this episode, we discuss childhood games--mostly dangerous games. Floor lava/floor sharks/floor sucking you into outer space, baseball-lawndarts, flicking matches, jumping off roofs onto trampolines and into pool, dangerous wrestling moves, karate chops to the neck, Red Rover, make me laugh, ping pong and superballs, sticky hands on ceiling, throwing fire crackers at each other, HORSE, punch buggie...woo! It's a wonder we reached adulthood!

Sasha found a book on Victorian games by Patrick Beaver called The Victorian Parlor Game Book which you can find on Amazon. We have a section called Victorians Play the Darndest Games. Two games Sasha found particularly hilarious: Poor Pussy and Guessing Blind Man.

More discussion on the original Volkswagon Beetle and then we play "Emma's Urban Friend" from 50 Dollar Fine, which was Chris Hoover's old band.

This show was originally recorded before Dragon*con.

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Voice mail: 206-338-6194

In this episode, a kitchen mishap forces us to venture out to eat dinner and podcast at the same time. We choose to eat at Elwood's Pizza in Brookhaven, a neighborhood in Atlanta a little north of Buckhead on Peachtree. Fantastic 'za! Check out their website. Go.

It's kind of noisy there and you hear us chewing and talking at the same time. What a great show! Hee hee!

We discuss what we did over the weekend, which was Dragon*con, of course. Sasha went as a hugging pirate and became famous for that. She went to a pirate party and hung out with her pirate homies. Yar!

Laura worked security operations and when she was off, she went to podcasting panels and saw the first annual Parsec awards. She took in panels on women podcasters, podcasting fiction and tools of the trade as well. Derek and Swoopy of Skepticality did a great job.

Sasha had a great time with the exception of creepy guys who bothered her on Sunday night. They made her nervous. Why do these guys think that girls enjoy feeling threatened? Are they stupid?


Mad props and give a listen to these fine podcasts: Tag in the Seam, Georgia Podcast Network: Mostly ITP, Four Minute Warning, Skepticality, Mikeypod, Geek Fu Action Grip...oh, that's enough for now. Also listen to Rocky Horror Pod Show, Laura's other podcast.

Sasha's email is wrinkledhermit -at- gmail.com and Laura's is luara.mom -at- gmail.com (you know how to fix the address so it works). Keep in touch!

And eat more pizza.

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