Laura and Dwight, driving on I-75 north, discussing American politics.

This was actually recorded December 22nd, but because of sound issues, I hadn't put it online until I bought Sound Soap. There's a lot of engine noise, but you should have heard it before!
Direct download: CATS73.mp3
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Sasha and Laura discuss Sasha's trip with the Outlanders, her steampunk airship crew to represent Zeitguyz game developers at the Danish D3 Expo in Copenhagen.
Direct download: CATS72.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 9:31 PM

Sasha is back!

Marijuana is bad. Boozin' is better.

Sasha's hair is discussed as well.
Direct download: CATS71.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 10:12 PM

Today I talk about Bratz dolls and how they are better than Barbies, though much sluttier.

I also play "Insectgirl" by Adrienne Pierce, from her album Small Fires, courtesy of Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS70.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 1:26 AM

This is a love letter to my adopted hometown of Atlanta.

I also play "City of Light" by Shams, from The Evolution of Creation.
Direct download: CATS69.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 1:40 AM

On this show, I talk about Billy, the boy I fell in love with in the second grade. Le sigh....

Also music by Martha Redbone, "Boyfriend" from her album Home of the Brave.
Direct download: CATS68.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 12:59 AM

I hire Libsyn to host Coffee and Tea Show and for that I get 250 mb of disk space for the podcast, which clears out once a show has been up for 30 days.

However, with the National Podcast Post Month in full swing, I just ran out of room. I am going to host the remaining shows elsewhere and post links where you can download them if you like, or if you are a subscriber, you can wait around until I get more freed-up space and these last four shows will then turn up one-by-one on your podcatcher. You may not even notice the lapse.

At any rate, thank you for listening to my silly little show! I love you guys.
Direct download: CATSnoroom.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 10:09 PM

Tonight's show is another color episode, this time on the color green.

Music played is "Green Girl" by John Romano, which can also be found on Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS67.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 12:44 AM

Via voicemail, I was asked what animals creep me out. That's easy: cockroaches, bees and wasps, and raccoons.

I also play "Cockroach Hotel" by Jigsaw Soul from their album Bound to Collide.
Direct download: CATS66.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 1:55 PM

Today I tell some jokes. How funny they are is up to your interpretation. Maia laughed.

Also I looked through a notebook that Maia drew in a couple of years ago and interpreted some of the photos. If you are interested in following along, I scanned and uploaded the drawings to Flickr. I also based the album art on one of the drawings.

Today's music is "Rabbit in a Log" by The Stanley Brothers, which was recorded for Virginia Roots, a new limited-time, digital only compilation from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, in celebration of the 41st annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This bluegrass tune can also be found on Podsafe Music Network.

Don't forget to check out the other podcasters participating in NaPodPoMo!
Direct download: CATS65.mp3
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Today I have my listener Parker on the show via Skype to talk about amusing tales of pants. We also go on tangents about eyeliner on boys, emo kids, my brother-in-law who was in a Christian grunge band called Omega Rage, and whenever Sasha will be back.

Parker recommends the podcasts The Lifted Lorax Show, Erraticast and It's Not Us It's You.

Our Podsafe Music Network song is "Emo Days (Daddy Why Did You Wear Girl Pants?)" by WWIII from their album Retarded.
Direct download: CATS64.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 1:53 AM

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!

TV's Kyle performs "Happy Thanksgiving Day" from Why Fidelity?
Direct download: CATS63.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 12:11 AM

I am using a new-for-me MXLV63M mic that was kindly sent by DJ and Michael Dean of Clone the Homeless podcast, DIY or Die, StinkFight, and other ventures. Doesn't it sound great? Thanks guys!

I am not afraid of spiders. I rather like them.

Also, I need a guest host for Rocky Horror Pod Show, unless I can get Cesar to do it pretty soon. That show hasn't been recorded in over a month.

Today's music is "Spiders" by The General and Duchess Collins from their album Calling Earth.

Direct download: CATS62.mp3
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I don't wanna podcast. I've been procrastinating.

I know the number on the album art is wrong. Deal.

Tonight's music from Podsafe Music Network: "Talkin' 'Bout My Dogs" by Boo Boo Davis from his album East St. Louis.
Direct download: CATS61.mp3
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 Today Dwight and I talk about atheism as well has his two blogs: The Naked Atheist and Atheology. The nature of faith is discussed as well as how Dwight came to reject the teachings of the church and his family's reactions.

Then we play "That's Life" by Anthony Hugh from his album Hunki Dori, which we got from Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS60.mp3
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I recorded this at around 3:30 a.m. and am very tired and having waking dreams.

If anyone who listens to Rocky Horror Pod Show is also listening to this and would like to guest host, let me know. Cesar hasn't been able to record and the show is way overdue.

Bob Denver's character of Maynard G. Krebbs was far superior to Gilligan.

I play "4am Slam Over Coffee" by Daniel Link from his album Color of Rain. I found him on Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS59.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 5:00 AM

I woke up very early and play voicemail about hated food from Shawno of Hyper Nonsense and also from our listener David, who likes the magician Chris Angel (warning, turn your speakers down if you click that link!) and heard him interviewed on The Lifted Lorax Show podcast as well as Larry King. Thanks for the heads up guys!

Then I rant about my horrific hair. The album art contains an actual un-retouched photo of my crowning glory taken with Photo Booth this actual morning.

I then rock out to "Spilling Coffee on my Blue Jeans" by Hairspray Blues which I got from Podsafe Music Network.

Direct download: CATS58.mp3
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Jeff Wagg, the General Manager of the James Randi Educational Foundation very kindly agreed to be on the show and talk about cars he had. We also dwell on solar power, biodiesel, guitars, dogs driving cars, old girlfriends, sketchy wiccans, Easter candy, motor homes, the Solar Bus, atheism, a challenge issued to any deities out there, 1970s painted Chevy vans with shag carpet interiors, and the Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. Enjoy!
Direct download: CATS57.mp3
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It is a very rainy night, which is a good thing since there is a horrible drought. Tonight's show is short as I had a semi-bad asthma attack an hour earlier and my voice is suffering.

Tonight I am playing Allison Crow's sad and beautiful "Pray for Rain."

Direct download: CATS56.mp3
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I come out of the closet as a shy, easily-intimidated ball of wuss.

I also play "Good Night, Sita" by Bobtail Yearlings, from their album Yearlings Bobtail.
Direct download: CATS55.mp3
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Today I have a voicemail from fellow NaPodPoMo podcaster Will Brown from Cloudy Day Art Poetry about fear of darkness.

I also talk about my boring diet and also food I hate. Got any food you despise? Let me know at 206-338-6194.

Today's music from Podsafe Music Network is "Food" by Dierdre Flint from her album Then Again.

Direct download: CATS54.mp3
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Today's show explores fear of darkness, or nyctophobia.
I get a phone call from Shawno from Hyper Nonsense.

"Killers in the Dark" by 404 from their album Hype is the featured musical selection.
Direct download: CATS53.mp3
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Today's episode is an interview with Kim McFarland, a fantastic Dr. Frank N Furter as well as a fan of the 1990's era CGI-based cartoon Reboot. Kim runs the website Slack & Hash's Domain and is friends with noted illustrator Lar DeSouza, who was instrumental in helping generate her interest in the series.

Reboot is now in the midst of a revival which you can read about on the Zeros2Heroes website, particularly in the Reboot blog.
Direct download: CATS52.mp3
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I have gotten back to my neglected series of colors I started (and only did one episode on) back on September 29th, when I did Blue. Today I am doing the color Pink.

Music I am playing today is Gert - "Pink Skirt" - which I found on Podshow Podsafe Music.
Direct download: CATS51.mp3
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It's Coffee and Tea Show's 50th episode!

Today I talk about pet rats we used to have. I bring up the great Ben video that Crispin Glover did for the movie Willard. Also the movie The Abyss had a sweet rat that made me want to get one.

I play music that has been sitting in my Podshow Podsafe Music playlist for a long time: Netherlands band Fluox Speelt Fluox's great song "Tedeebedibbedib."
Direct download: CATS50.mp3
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A situation where a rat tried to get in through the window on the second story prompts a podcast about wild animals that have gotten into my house.

Today's music is "Animals Wearing Clothes" by The Deadly Syndrome, from their album The Ortolan. You can find them on Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS49.mp3
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Whew, Libsyn was down for most of the night and into the morning and I was afraid I wasn't going to get this posted in time!

On this episode, I chat with Megan, a listener. We discuss college, roommates, dorms, steampunk, anime, cool movies, and musical theater.

This is the first time I have used the Skype and Hot Recorder combination and I find the sound quality much better than that of Gizmo's built-in recorder. I hope to have more called-in shows during the course of this month. Would anyone else like to be interviewed? Let me know!
Direct download: CATS48.mp3
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I just joined Podcast Peer Awards, my favorite of all the podcasting awards because it's peer-based. Others are People's Choice Podcast Awards and Parsec Awards. I rant about popularity contests and self-promotion. That's boring to me as a listener and annoying to me as a podcaster.

I play "Look At Me" by Globus. It can be found on the Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS47.mp3
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I interview my 12-year-old daughter Maia, who is an expert on the anime Naruto. Maia and her friend Tabitha watch it constantly on TV and the internet and are always comparing notes.

Then we play music we got from Podshow Podsafe Music called "Fat Girls Fighting" from 3rd Day Syndrome from their EP The Catalyst.

25 more days to go on the NaPodPoMo marathon!
Direct download: CATS46.mp3
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Today Dwight joins me for a show. We talk about investments in light of worries about war with Iran.

Also, Laura's parents are packrats.

We play "George Bush is Hitler" by Pudge. Hilarious.
Direct download: CATS45.mp3
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When I was trying to think of
what to podcast about, a cat
vomited outside the door.
And now I have a topic.

I play "Vomiting" by Navel,
a Swiss alternative punk band.
Check them out!

Also check out the NaPodPoMo
RSS feed
that Shawno from
Hyper Nonsense created for
some of the podcasters taking
part in National Podcast Post
Month. This is so awesome!
Direct download: CATS44.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 12:51 AM

It's day 2 of National Podcast Post Month
and I post a voicemail I got from a
listener named Parker who really
wants Sasha to come back.
Don't worry Parker, she's planning
to start recording with me again
once we dig our ways out of our
grueling work schedules, plus
she's going to Europe soon so it
may be when she comes back.
Parker said that he liked the
Nate and Di Show, which seems
to have podfaded, alas. Come
back Nate and Di! He also likes
The Lifted Lorax show and
Eradicast(?) which I can't find
the link for. Does anyone know
this show?

I then play "Black Coffee
(Caffeine Remix)" by Chaz from
his album Full Circle, which I got on
the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.
Besides being a musician, Chaz is a
yoga instructor and has his own

Please get in touch with me if
you want to be on the show
sometime this month because
I'd love to partner up with
someone for a few of these
30 scheduled shows -
(206) 338-6194.
Direct download: CATS43.mp3
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Short episode here. I just signed up for National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo) and will be posting an episode per day for the 30 days of November. This sounded like a fun and creative way to spend the month of November. It is, of course, a takeoff on the notorious National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

For those of you who miss Sasha, she tells me she wishes to start recording again. Hopefully this will happen soon!

Direct download: CATS42.mp3
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On Saturday, October 6, 2007, Dwight, Maia and I joined the Atlanta Buddhist Peace Fellowship on a walk in support of the freedom protestors in Burma. We were in a group of over 50 people who walked from the Carter Presidential Library to the statue of Martin Luther King at the corner of Boulevard and Freedom Parkway.

It was a good experience and I got to speak to several people there, most notably Dorothy Shaw of the Oak Grove United Methodist Church in Decatur, which is sponsoring a family from Burma and Cheryl Tarr, the Georgia state coordinator of Peace Alliance, which is working globally to have each country install a state department of peace. Cheryl told us of some positive news sites she has found: Ode Magazine and Treehugger.

Apparently work is underway to do a protest next Saturday, October 13, possibly in front of the CNN Center.
Direct download: CATS41.mp3
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I am starting a series of podcasts relating to the different colors. I started with Blue, because I just saw Black Snake Moan and it got me thinking about the blues and how I like that musical genre. This is just a riff on the color blue--feel free to comment and add your own ideas and I'll read the comments or play the voicemail on subsequent color shows.

Music I play during the podcast come from Podshow Podsafe Music Network and are as follows:

"So Blue" by Don't Harrass Betty
"Jupiter Blue" by After Touch
"Blue" by Daiki

Be sure to support independent artists on podcasts by writing to them and, even more importantly, purchasing their music!
Direct download: CATS40.mp3
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Woo hoo! I decided to go for a walk and took my trusty iRiver. You'll hear lots of insects and airplanes, not to mention cars, dogs, people and cats. I seriously need to walk more often.

I am thinking of starting a new enhanced podcast in which I show sketches I have scanned and uploaded--I would like to get sketches sent in from listeners as well. It wouldn't be a critique session, more like "My drawings, let me show you them!" It would have to be done on an iPod or iPhone that can play this sort of thing, or else it would have to be played from iTunes. Is there any interest in this sort of thing?

I also mention Skepticality, Dragon*con, and Keith and the Girl.

Direct download: CATS_38.mp3
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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Maia wants to sneak out of the house this summer and go on a cruise.

Our first song is "Ocean" by The Sharking.

We talk about Maia going to camp in a swamp, where she deals with large and small frogs, makes track molds and examines owl pellets.

Next we play "Swamp Dingo" by Kevin Christensen, from his album Portion of Space.

Maia has so many things she wants to do. She wants guitar lessons. Also canoeing. Also start babysitting, though Maia will not deal with diapers--baby nor adult. Also watch a lot of anime and play some games.

We got our music tonight from Podshow Podsafe Music Network. We are proud affiliates of and Georgia Podcast Network.

And now here's a podsafe version of "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield from the Monterey International Pop Festival, recorded 40 years ago during the Summer of Love! Thanks to their label Razor & Tie for making this wonderful recording available.
Direct download: CATS_37.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 11:44 PM

My boo Graham Holland's voice mail.

My daughter says she's having a wonderful time in Costa Rica. She mentioned the deadly Fer-de-lance, which is common where she's staying. I need some monkey photos.

My first song is "Daylight" by The Shakes.

My cat Casper has never been neutered. We never let him out though, so we don't feel all that guilty about it. But now he wants to have a sexy time with my leg. I pushed him away so he peed on my purse and got my wallet, camera case, iRiver case all wet. I can't get the smell out.

A guy hit on me at the international grocery store. That was strange. Nobody hits on me.

I like that store because I can get Pocky, teas, little cookies called Colon Cream, fried pea pods. Today I got some biscuits called Cafeteria Pie.

The Mooney Suzuki performs "99%" from their album Have Mercy.

My Rockypod partner Sean and I are starting a new podcast to alternate with Rocky Horror Pod Show. We haven't completely worked out all the details.

Our music tonight comes from Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Friend me on facebook: I'm luara dot mom at gmail dot com. Also friend me at Oh yeah, give me some voicemail at 206-338-6194.

Tonight's closing music is "Big Green Coffee Cup" by The Dave Morford Hostage Crisis.


Direct download: CATS_36.mp3
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Welcome to another episode of Coffee and Tea Show

I'm Laura and I'm flying solo tonight. I go off on an emo rant about being exhausted and overworked and problems coworkers are having. Ignore my whining and scratchy voice.


Coffee and Tea Show is back from hiatus and will probably be a mostly solo show from now on, since Sasha and Dwight are otherwise occupied. When they can be on the show, they will be.

CATS is less than one month shy of being a year old. Hard to believe!


A rant about how my brilliant daughter, who is studying the rain forest in Costa Rica, can't write letters.

I play a love song from my buddy, the UK musician and podcaster Graham Holland, which I got from Podshow Podsafe Music Network - "I Breathe Again" is a love song and I felt it was a great choice because I really love you guys.

We're part of Voicemail 206-338-6194. Go to our MySpace, or you can join and friend me (I'm Flyswatter).
Direct download: CATS_35.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 12:30 AM

Voicemail: 206-338-6194

On today's episode, Earth is attacked.

Then Laura and Sasha discuss art school.

Maia butts in.

Tell us your art school stories.

We're part of Blubrry. Go to Podcamp Atlanta.

Listen to "She Always Said" by Anything After.
Direct download: CATS_34.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 11:11 PM

Call our voicemail line at (206) 338-6194.

In this episode Sasha and Laura start out talking about computers. Sasha is learning to use her new Mac laptop. Laura has problems with her computer freezing up when it goes to MySpace, which is lame. There are, of course, more rants about angry sweaters. Old school modems are discussed, such as on that movie You Got Mail, a movie we both sort of hate. Sasha looks for free WiFi.

Sasha was looking at Little Pageant Girl Photoshoppery before she started recording. Sasha used to Photoshop her face into random family portraits. Laura used to worry that Sasha was sad and wistful when she used to do that. Sasha said she used to join Live Journal Rate-Me communities but Laura thought she said "Rape Me communities." Possibly this is a Nirvana reference.

Why do people like MySpace when Live Journal is so much better and easier to use?
MySpace is now even making its way into bathroom graffiti.

Wouldn't it be ironic if TrimSpa was Anna Nicole's killer? Britney is now the designated crazy white trash celebrity. Sasha is in a really easy class this semester with tests involving Britney and K-Fed. Laura explained to Dwight why she calls Quiznos "Jizz-nos."

There's a new yuppie-urban Walmart nearby. Weird.

New fortune cookie game.

Our music tonight comes from "Rocket Science" by Brain Buckit from their self-titled album.
Direct download: CATS_33.mp3
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Voice Mail: 206-338-6194

Sean visits from Rockypod and rants about the sort of people who go to adult cons, people who buy all kinds of bling and can't afford to buy good clothes for their kids, people who rice up their car from stuff they buy at Pep Boys, people who have sex with plushies, Apple, Georgia's car tax, etc. Don't be offended!

Sasha will be in the next show.

Today's music is from "Goth Chick" by Baron Von Lichtenstein (aka Jim Stiene) from his album "Banned By The Ass Clown Regime." You can find his MySpace here.

Direct download: CATS_32.mp3
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As Amber from Georgia Podcast Network said, "This installment of Meet Your Affiliates is actually a two-fer. Laura and Sasha are both on The Coffee and Tea Show, and Laura is also on The Rocky Horror Pod Show. We recorded this interview in the wee hours of the morning, whilst feasting on tasty, greasy food. Soulful tunes from the Waffle House jukebox add to the ambiance of your listening experience."

Thanks guys for letting us use your interview! And to our listeners, I promise another Coffee and Tea Show is coming soon, once I get the LONG recording Dwight and I did edited down!
Direct download: Rockypod-CATS_interview.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 7:29 PM

Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Sasha has an old man sweater and it angers up her blood. It riles her and makes her feel like a jerk. She's also in a bad mood because of house hunting. A house they looked at had mildew on the walls.

Sasha and Laura are heading off to go to see LDOD play Rocky Horror at Plaza Theater with Rusty and Amber from Georgia Podcast Network. Rusty is to lose his Rocky virginity.

Sasha's getting plenty of hours at her job but Laura's job is pretty skimpy on hours lately.

Sasha brings up The Road to El Dorado. (Laura and Sean actually "reviewed" that movie on Rockypod earlier.)

Different LiveJournal communities are brought up: porn_macros, bad_porn_2, wtf_omgz, stupid_free, getoffmyspace.

Laura just opened a MySpace for Podcamp Atlanta and a LiveJournal community as well.

Sasha's enjoying Photobucket.

Laura brings up Coffee and Tea Show's Google hits, namely "Penis," "Crush" and "Torture." Sasha thinks we should blog "inflation fetish." Sasha finds Coffee and Tea Show under "Sasha's Mom."

Sasha inscribed her 4th generation iPod with the phrase: "I'll never get an iPod."

Some people are calling the new Apple iPhone the Jesus Phone. We'll never afford it anyway.

Laura plays "Jack Attack" by the band Don't Harass Betty, from their self-titled album.

Laura and Sasha then try to wake up Carmen, who listens to this show.

The final music is by Stephanie Harger, who sings "The Thought of You."

Today's music is from Podsafe Music Network.
Direct download: CATS_31.mp3
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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Our opening number is from DJ Bunnyboy, who kindly created the Javaman mix for Laura for her birthday back in August. It was time to dust it off and replay it. Awesome, isn't it?

Anyway, it's our 30th episode! Happy New Year! And thank goodness the holidays are over because its been rough.

Sasha went to a new year party but they forgot to drink. Laura stayed home with her family and watched all the episodes of Firefly with her daughter Halley. She thought they were "cute" but Sasha says Laura will be attacked by Browncoats for that.

We tell our resolutions. Sasha reveals she doesn't like piercers or dentists.

If you live in the Atlanta area and are interested in podcasting, mark your calendars for Podcamp Atlanta, March 16-18 at Emory University. It's totally free!
Direct download: CATS_30.mp3
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Lately we had been noticing that people who subscribe to our show on iTunes had been also subscribing to other coffee casts, most notably the apparently podfaded show Starbucks Coffee Conversations, in which a tasting expert does a cupping  in the first show and spews coffee, several times. Hilarious, and yet dull--this is dry-as-dust corporate podcasting at its worst.

Of course, Sasha shows off her newly revealed skills as a cupping expert to show us all how it was done.

Leave us voice messages at 206-338-6194 or email us at coffeeandteashow @ or go to our MySpace page.
Direct download: CATS_29.mp3
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Voicemail: 206-338-6194. Short show tonight--after a long absence from podcasting, Sasha's back.

Sasha and her friend Colin went to see Amy Sedaris doing a question and answer and signing for her new book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence at the Decatur Library.

Laura and Dwight originally tried to buy a house there or around there.

Sasha and her old boyfriend Brian were held up at gunpoint in East Atlanta when she was still in high school.

Direct download: CATS_28.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 1:13 AM

A big thanks to George Hrab for the intro.

I'm Laura and I'm doing the show without Dwight or Sasha tonight.

I don't like Christmas. It's just a lot of pressure and I fail at Christmas traditions, besides I'm not religious. I do like other holidays though.

I play "Christmas Here on Mars" by the girl group Bubble from the EP Bubble & Black Halos Xmas 2001.

Even though this podcast is called The Coffee and Tea Show, it is more of a comedy discussion and indie music show. But we do drink coffee and/or tea during production. Tonight I am drinking Kroger store brand coffee. Why? Cuz I am broke. However, I did grind the beans, so nyah!

I play the great Texas blues piece "Coffee Man" by Calvin Owens from his album The House Is Burnin'.

We had a really good Thanksgiving with the inlaws. No problems. We're all fat and happy.

I play "Honey-Bee" from the Scottish singer Super 8 from his album Daysaver.

The music I played tonight comes from Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Coffee and Tea Show is a member of and, so check them all out!

Direct download: CATS_27.mp3
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This show was recorded way back on November 5th, but computer problems (i.e. bad power supply) precluded editing the show and uploading it in a timely manner. In fact, we haven't been able to record Coffee and Tea Show for a while! But hopefully everything has been taken care of and we'll soon be back to a regular recording schedule. We really missed you guys!

Tonight's show consists of our guest podcaster Daniel, Dwight and Laura.

We start out with a discussion of possible voter fraud due to electronic voting.

First song: "Liberty Jones" by The Shakes.

Our next topic of discussion is Fundamentalism. Also what is our favorite Thanksgiving food. We discuss our favorite Bible verses because we're wacky like that. Daniel points out that the Bible was polytheistic at first. Green bean casserole is pretty darn good. According to the Bible you shouldn't mix fabrics and you should have blue tassels. Who wants a vibrating shaver? Everyone must miss Sasha so much. Chestnuts are pretty nice.

Laura has been enjoying the Hellbound Alleee podcast lately. It's a smart pro-secular-thought show with quirky music in the Mondo Diablo episodes.

Suddenly a demon is summoned.

The Coffee and Tea Show is part of and Podsafe Music Network supplied tonight's musical interludes.

Last song: "Coffee Shop" by Smallfish from their album What If.

Direct download: CATS_26.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 11:48 PM

Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Circumstances have been such that I haven't been able to get this show edited and online until now. I apologize. However, this is our 25th show! Who'da thunk?

This is a pets episode. Laura had two dogs and a bunch of rats (42) die recently.

Sasha tells about her pet dove Phineas Gage. She had a red claw crab named Crunchy Pete, who died fairly recently.

Laura's grandfather forced her family to have quails when they were kids. Laura isn't sure why.

Sasha had an aunt who would kill and eat pet chickens that had names. This reminds Laura and Sasha of how traumatic it is to pick out a live lobster to eat (Laura is glad to be a vegetarian.).

Laura's daughter Halley bit a small fish when she was little.

Laura's cat bothered everyone because she wanted to sleep on top of the monitor since the house was cold. She complained throughout the show.

Sasha's dad stepped on a goldfish once.

Laura used to play with baby turtles at a Kresge's dime store in East Tennessee in the early '60s when she was a little kid unless the clerks yelled at her.

Sasha liked to harass parakeets at Woolworth's.

Sasha doesn't like to pet potbelly pigs. Sturgeon are good to pet. Laura likes it when minnows nibble on you in mountain streams.

Canada geese and swans are intimidating.

A discussion about the children's section at Zoo Atlanta.

Coffee and Tea Show is a member of

Song from Podshow Podsafe Music Network is "Black Coffee" by Stephanie Harger.

Congratulations to our homegirl Leann from Tag In The Seam podcast for being picked as Guest Pickler on Podcast Pickle.

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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Short intro, due to having to pick up Maia. Don't worry folks, Sasha's still around. She's been really busy with work and finals.

Does anyone have any experience with editing really long sound pieces? We have a three-hour recording from Sasha that needs to be edited down and don't know if any of our software will even open it.

Our first song from is "Greasy Coffee Beans" by Robert Morgan Fisher from his album Follow a Hunch.

Halley is going on a trip to Costa Rica possibly.

We discuss Project Runway. That show is full of outrageous product placement and nasty accusations.

Laura redyed her hair. It is now burgandy and purple.

Dwight is eating diabetic candy and is in danger of getting the trots.

Our friend Daniel calls. He discusses a book he's writing. We heard from our friend Ray in Eugene, Oregon who is planning to marry his latest prisoner girlfriend. Daniel is a prison nurse, so he knows a lot about it. Daniel now is trying out Linux because we all agree we hate Windows Genuine Advantage. We also diss Republicans. The call ends in a barrage of bad jokes.

We are members of, where you can find lots of great podcasts.

We end podcast with "Ragtop Cadillac" by George Fletcher and his band Bourbon Renewal from his album Ain't the Worst That You Could Find.

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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Poor Miss Polly can't pay the rent-- whatever shall she do?

It's really short. Enjoy.

Coffee and Tea Show is proud to be part of where apparently E's do not exist. You can find plenty of great podcasts there.

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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Coffee and Tea Show is now a member of, the Mack Daddy of podcast sites.

The talented and uber-wonderful George Hrab, whose music we've played a couple of times before, created this promo for us. Enjoy!

We haven't been able to record too many episodes lately because nobody can get together at the same time. Also Laura's working on Rocky Horror Pod Show which has a far stricter release schedule.

Apache Cafe Art Mondays Green Space show info.

We're going to Clermont Lounge to celebrate Sasha's birthday tonight. If I can get a recording, I'll post it at the end (and indeed it is!).

Laura and Coffee and Tea Show got a great mention on Graham Holland's "It's a Frogs Life Acoustic Podcast" episode 6. Laura got a "Golden Graham" award. Heh heh.

Laura's old dog Shadow died on Friday. He had been getting old and sick and Laura waited until she was sure to take him to the vet to be put down and then it was too late. Laura tells stories about Shadow.

Tonight's music from is "Diatomaceous Earth" from The Blue Vagrants on their album Some Kind of Paradise.

Finally, a clip from Sasha, Joe, James, Dwight, Kaitee, and Laura after we leave Clermont Lounge telling about all the great times we had with the strippers in there.

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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

We are proud to announce that we are now listed in, a social podcast site. Please check it out--you'll find it easy to navigate and there are lots of great shows there. Remember, it's blubrry, without the "e"s.

Tonight, we have a visitor in the studio: Sasha's buddy Kaitee. The show is therefore totally out of control, you may notice.

Sasha's sunburn.

Backlit portraits are for sale on Buford Highway. Also, Twin Tower pictures with clouds that look like spaceships are available for purchase there as well.

"Hi, little cock!"

Sasha's desire to wear Kaitee's skin is brought up.

Sasha used to dress in My Size Barbie clothes.

Suddenly something large falls on the roof. What is going on out there? A storm is brewing!

Kaitee desires swing chairs at Renn Fest.

Spam emails are explained to Maia.

Nipples the size of dinner plates are brought up.

Kaitee played the oboe-hay. Sasha played the Chinese finger trap. Everyone was really good at playing demo keys.

Maia wants to move to Antartica.

A frozen mammoth is eaten.

KY jelly is nasty on toast.

In Kentucky, it's against the law to eat horses, we think.

Kaitee was in Laura's Girl Scout troop the last year Laura was a leader.

We decide to close down because a violent storm is on its way.

Tonight's music is Psykosoul -"Dirty Stank Hell" which can be found on

Check out Maia's webpage Muffinbread and Kaitee's LJ blog Emmlaar

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Much of this show was recorded while stuck in a horrific rainy traffic jam in Buckhead. Gah, it was dreadful. But we recorded a lot of it in the car.

In traffic, we talk about how hungry we are, the state of grocery stores in Atlanta, point out sex shops and other stores, look for places to eat (we eventually eat at Taco Bell), and sing.

Finally we get back and talk about bikes we had as kids and what our bikes looked like. Laura tells about her mom's WWII-era burning desire for a bike and how she couldn't get one due to steel rationing.

This leads us to 9/11/01. Dwight was working server support at that time and the folks at the World Trade Center were big customers. Sasha tells about freaky 9/11 commemorative coins she saw on TV. Right after 9/11, many patriotic Americans hung flags on their cars but left them there so long the flags were faded and shredded, which IMHO is disrespectful. Sasha brings up flags on clothing and Laura tells about the Reuters photos of George and Laura Bush stepping on the flag carpet, apparently grinding the flag under their heels. Ahem, Mr. President.

We then admire a statuette of a Canadian mountie we have in the studio. We are all about the awesomeness of Jodhpur pants.

Music tonight: George Hrab-"Brainsbodyboth" from Coelacanth. This can be found on

How many words must I look up the spelling for? Just kidding-- we love you George!

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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

In this episode, we discuss childhood games--mostly dangerous games. Floor lava/floor sharks/floor sucking you into outer space, baseball-lawndarts, flicking matches, jumping off roofs onto trampolines and into pool, dangerous wrestling moves, karate chops to the neck, Red Rover, make me laugh, ping pong and superballs, sticky hands on ceiling, throwing fire crackers at each other, HORSE, punch buggie...woo! It's a wonder we reached adulthood!

Sasha found a book on Victorian games by Patrick Beaver called The Victorian Parlor Game Book which you can find on Amazon. We have a section called Victorians Play the Darndest Games. Two games Sasha found particularly hilarious: Poor Pussy and Guessing Blind Man.

More discussion on the original Volkswagon Beetle and then we play "Emma's Urban Friend" from 50 Dollar Fine, which was Chris Hoover's old band.

This show was originally recorded before Dragon*con.

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Voice mail: 206-338-6194

In this episode, a kitchen mishap forces us to venture out to eat dinner and podcast at the same time. We choose to eat at Elwood's Pizza in Brookhaven, a neighborhood in Atlanta a little north of Buckhead on Peachtree. Fantastic 'za! Check out their website. Go.

It's kind of noisy there and you hear us chewing and talking at the same time. What a great show! Hee hee!

We discuss what we did over the weekend, which was Dragon*con, of course. Sasha went as a hugging pirate and became famous for that. She went to a pirate party and hung out with her pirate homies. Yar!

Laura worked security operations and when she was off, she went to podcasting panels and saw the first annual Parsec awards. She took in panels on women podcasters, podcasting fiction and tools of the trade as well. Derek and Swoopy of Skepticality did a great job.

Sasha had a great time with the exception of creepy guys who bothered her on Sunday night. They made her nervous. Why do these guys think that girls enjoy feeling threatened? Are they stupid?


Mad props and give a listen to these fine podcasts: Tag in the Seam, Georgia Podcast Network: Mostly ITP, Four Minute Warning, Skepticality, Mikeypod, Geek Fu Action Grip...oh, that's enough for now. Also listen to Rocky Horror Pod Show, Laura's other podcast.

Sasha's email is wrinkledhermit -at- and Laura's is -at- (you know how to fix the address so it works). Keep in touch!

And eat more pizza.

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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Tonight, with Sasha absent yet again, Laura and Dwight decide to give the dirt on how they first met. Prepare to be astounded at how cutesy-pie sentimental the two of them can get. Prepare to hurl!

Afterwards, enjoy a refreshing techno mix by DJ Bunnyboy, who created "Javaman" especially for this podcast as a gift to Laura. You can find him on MySpace! Check him out, especially if you like electronica, new wave and techno.

Shoutouts to GA Podcast Network and Tag In The Seam podcast.

For those of you who miss Sasha, she'll probably be recording the next episode. And check out Rocky Horror Pod Show the other podcast Laura's on with her friend Sean.

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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Quick show tonight. Sasha's schedule is wonky due to her going back to school. Laura will probably be using guest podcasters and odd scheduling. Also Laura, with her friend Sean, just started a new podcast called Rocky Horror Pod Show, which as far as we can tell, just may be the very first Rocky Horror Picture Show-oriented podcast ever! Give RHPS podcast a call at (206) DEW TOOT, aka (206) 339-8668 to give AP lines, news from your cast, or anything else you might want to contribute. The email address for that show is

Check out Madge Weinstein at Yeast Radio. She's been very kind to us lately by pimping our tiny little show on her wildly popular podcast. Thanks Madge!

Also, our new friend Graham Holland, whose song "Never Trust A Panda" was played on our last show, tells us he now has his own podcast: It's A Frog's Life. Check it out for great acoustic music from the other side of the pond.

Finally, a while back Maia was playing with voice effects in Garageband and came up with a little story she called "The Princess and the Prince." Check it out.

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Shut up Dwight!
Direct download: CATS-SUD_Promo.mp3
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Voicemail: (206) 338-6194

Tonight's topic is nature.

Sasha, Dwight and Laura come up with a strange performance, where each writes separately and then they put it all together. Then we all argue about who did the worst job on the play.

By the way, you should never trust pandas.

Graham Holland, who agrees with us, sings "Never Trust A Panda" from his album It's a Frog's Life. If you like his music, you can find out more about him here. Laura likes bald men. :P

You can find music to purchase from this artist and more like him on the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Help support independent music today!

We also play music from a local Atlanta band on this show, Eclectic Roots Ensemble (ERE) who perform "Original Flatbush Don from their album Roots and Grass. Laura friended them on MySpace and we think they are fantastic.

Thanks for listening!

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Voice mail: (206) 338-6194

Dwight is not present for this show.

Halley, Sasha and Laura really like to go to Art Mondays at Apache Cafe. However, last time we went a guy asked Sasha to pose nude.

Does it sound like a line to you? It did to us too.

We give examples of guys acting the fool.

Music: Dave from Chub Creek "Gary Has Big Nipples" from Living In Oblivion


Music: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Bring It On" from Nocturama

Be sure to pop our show at PopCurrent and visit our MySpace page.

Podshow Podsafe Music Network

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A new Muffinbread is up! Call (206) 338-6194 to leave a comment for Maia-- I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Like the first Muffinbread, this episode is family-friendly. Maia came up with the story and wrote it all, though she and Sasha improvised quite a bit.

In this episode, Muffinbread falls asleep and has a strange dream, in which the monkey Blueberry can talk-- with a British accent. Well, at least as much of an accent as Madonna. Blueberry's voice is a lot like Sasha's after a bender.

Muffinbread is unable to fly in her dream.

In a musical sequence, Maia leads Sasha and Halley on a musical journey exploring her eyebrow. The song is dirgelike and mournful. You may become depressed. I know I did.

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Voice Mail: 206-338-6194

We were asked by a guy on MySpace to post more pictures of ourselves. Sasha came over and we took at lot of photos in the emo teen MySpace style. I posted them on our MySpace Pics if you want to go look at them. You have to be a member to see them. I don't make the rules!

Last Saturday, after Rocky Horror, we all went to IHOP, as is our habit. I brought the iRiver and this is the result. On this you'll hear mostly Sasha and Jevocas, with Hoover, Matt, Connie the waitress and me. Please excuse the poor sound quality.

We have a winner of the sound effects contest. Let me know who you are so you can get your prize.

Tonight's music is "Woolly Mammoth" by Robert Farrell, from his album Sun House Fury. This can be found at

Don't forget to friend us on MySpace.

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Voice Mail: (206) 338-6194

Tonight's topic is brother-in-laws and other folks you can count on to use their skills to help you out of a jam.

Sasha needs a brother-in-law who's a hitman. Another handy one would be a lawyer, one who runs a handy meth lab and would let you buy your meth at cost, and one who is a movie producer.

Topic changes to Laura, Dwight, Halley and Maia's trip to Alaska, where Laura suffered a case of mistaken identity.

Laura tells a dirty joke.

Laura and Sasha are going to Dragon*con this year and hope to meet other podcasters. For the first time, there is a Podcasting Track.

The Sound Effects Contest appears to be a bust, but you can still get your MP3s in by August 1 to win.

Tonight's musical guest: Mean Gene Kelton and The Diehards sing "My Baby Don't Wear No Panties" from their album "Most Requested." They are brought to you by and have been getting a lot of attention on the internets lately. Check them out.

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Voice mail: (206) 338-6194

Tonight, we talk about compulsive behavior we have.

Cockroaches on penises, again. Compulsive eating rituals. Money handling. Alphabetical spices and DVDs. The correct way to hang toilet paper. Socks and shoes. Underware.

We are still running the sound clips contest. Get your MP3s to us by August 1st and win some VHS-format 80's porn from the Korean dollar store. Must be 18 and in the continental US to win.

This show is post dated since we probably won't record next week. D&L are on vacation!!

Tonight's podsafe musical guest: Jim Taft, "Bare-Boned Baby" from album Mr. Too.

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This is a special podcast made by Laura and Dwight's youngest daughter Maia, with help by Sasha and Maia's older sister Halley. We haven't figured out a good way to host or promote this yet, but we think it's fantastic and want everyone to hear it.

Maia is 11 years old and is going into the sixth grade. She made the opening music in Apple Garageband 3 and recorded herself singing the lyrics she wrote three times and then mixing the tracks together. She also wrote and directed the episode, though Sasha did some improv with the Nana Gatt character. Halley sang backup and edited the piece.

Maia has created half of another episode and has some ideas for other podcasts. She would love some feedback-- either here, on the MySpace, via email at or from the CATS listener line (206) 338-6194. Any feedback we receive we'll pass on to her.

Thanks for listening!

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Voicemail: (206) 338-6194

Recently, the secret documents of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine killers were revealed to the Denver Post under the Freedom of Information Act. They are quite chilling to everyone who reads them, which of course leads us to reading Jonathan Swift's dark satire "A Modest Proposal" when we were all in school.

We all come up with ways to cynically reduce the population, to reduce the poor so the rich can prosper. Remember, this is satire, folks!


Our sound effects contest continues. We need your wacked- out sound effects! Please send them to our email address at The files need to be in MP3 format. The contest is only open to folks 18 and up, though if you are younger, you still can send in your MP3-- you just won't win the prize, which is 80s-era VHS-format Korean dollar store porn, only watched once! For that matter, the prize will only be sent in the continental US.

Some music provided tonight is from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at Tonight's artist is George Hrab, performing "She Suffers From Superlatives" from his album "Interrobang."

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Voicemail: (206) 338-6194

Laura, Dwight, Sasha, and our friend Michael took Halley to the infamous Atlanta strip club The Clermont Lounge for Halley's 21st birthday. The strippers there are famous for not having regular stripper looks--there are ladies of all ages, weights, state of inking and birth genders performing there. It's great! We'll go again and bring listeners along as well!

We're announcing a contest in which listeners create sound effects in MP3 format and email them to us at The winner will receive some 80s softcore porn we bought at a Korean dollar store and only watched once. It's called "Foxy Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads." We believe it was filmed in the mid-eighties and it is in VHS format, naturally. So the contest is only open to 18-and-up and is limited to the continental United States. The winner will be announced in August. We'll play everything we receive, though.

Tonight's music is from Beau Hall and is called "Superhot Lady Cop." It comes to us from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

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First of all, June 26th is Dwight's 52nd birthday.

Dwight had a big crush on unseen daughter of game show champ. Laura was in love with Bobby Sherman. Did anyone ever crush on Screech, from Saved By The Bell? Was Screech in a fight with Danny Bonaduce? Sasha loved David Duchovny. Sasha loved David Bowie from Labyrinth. Dwight liked Danny Bonaduce? He loved Darryl Hannah. Actually he loved Jane Fonda in Klute. He loved Rachael Welch in One Million Years B.C. Sasha crushed on Billy Corgan. She once saw a cop at Marietta Diner who resembled him. Sasha did not have a crush on a guy we called Turkish Waiter.

Stories about Turkish Waiter, Marietta Diner, and Hipsters.

We talk about Dwight's birthday cake.

Laura never had crush on Donny Osmond. Sasha never had crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. People we knew who liked Hansen, Boys to Men, New Kids on the Block, N'Sync, David Cassidy. Laura had big crush on Gilligan. Sasha and Kaitee have big crush on Steve Buscemi. Dwight had big crush on Marlo Thomas of That Girl. Nobody crushed on Rodney Dangerfield. Sasha sort of liked Zack from Saved By The Bell. Laura's sister liked John Travolta who played Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back, Kotter.

What is a crush?

Dwight's penis is brought up, again.

Atlanta's Gay Pride parade is better than Atlanta's 4th of July and Christmas Parades. Sasha danced with a drag queen.

Listener calls describing personal injuries relating to last show.

Listener hotline: (206) 338-6194


Call us or send us amusing emails to read on show!

Direct download: CATS_062606.mp3
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Join us as we lick our wounds.

Sasha's half stigmata. Halley's dog bite. The time Dwight slammed Halley's hand in door frame. The time Sasha's mom slammed Sasha's hand in car door. Laura split her head open on a rock covered in chicken shit. Sasha pushed a boy on rocks and split his head open. He later cracked her spine. Dwight's older brother sliced his head open when he was two and Dwight was one. His brother also hit him in the head with a 2x4 which he was using as a golf club. Dwight's sledgehammer incident. The time Laura's mom cut her finger in a blender. The time Dwight's friend's dad cut off his finger in a meat grinder. Sasha's mom had similar injury. Sasha stepped on a board with a long roofing nail. Laura stepped barefoot on a broken sapling and got blood poisoning. Sasha got an infected finger from being bitten in a mosh pit. Dwight scares Sasha about AIDS from a human bite. Remembering AIDS and herpes in the 80s. Emo girl on field trip with Sasha had herpes.

Leave us a message at (206) 338-6194 or Leave us comments on iTunes.

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Our first promo, which is in universal MP3 format. It's about 34 seconds long.
Direct download: CATS_Promo1.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 1:17 AM

This show has no parrots.

15-year-old Ava Lowery receives death threats for anti-war video.

What would Jesus do?

Dwight's bits.

Zippers and samiches.

"Nothing But Nasty Shemales" and dollar store pr0n.

Flowers, graves, and goth genitals.

Dwight's nudity and road signs.

Cockroaches, yet again.

Mentos and Diet Coke fountain.

Disturbingly funny Folgers commercial.

Tipping at Waffle House.

The best burrito ever.

Picking up pizza at Papa Johns while sporting strange hair.

Listener hotline: 206-338-6194.

Email us at

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Today Laura did a show by herself. It's a short show and mic problems are hopefully solved.

Today's show is a tribute to Laura's dad, for Father's day.

Call our voicemail line at (206) 338-6194.

Talk about your own dad.

Direct download: CATS_061406.m4a
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Laura, Sasha and special guest Brandon. Brandon in town for Rocky Horror Picture Show cast Lambda Psi Phi's 6th anniversary show. QuikTrip's milkshakes are mighty tasty. Maybe too tasty. Dwight took Maia off to camp. Halley wore a red dress while playing Dr. Scott. Brandon has been mummified by Geena. Sleeping RHPS audience members are tortured. Babies, especially fat ones, are good eatin'! An encounter with cracked-out Goodwill shoppers. Is our haircolor natural? I think not. Sometimes places smell like horses unexpectedly. We know nothing of rural oddities. 6/10 LPP show sold out. Brandon stealth-performed Riff Raff. Lucas as Eddie is frightening to Cesar as Columbia. Maia's new Muffinbread podcast will touch on gay marriage. Promo for Maia's show. How does one best record phone calls for podcasts? Call our voicemail: (206) 338-6194. Cockroach Penis Techno was sent to us and played.
Direct download: CATS_061106.m4a
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Today's episode is short because we got a phone call that caused us to forget to start recording again! Also, while Halley was present, she didn't speak. Maia did talk though. Dwight had gone to bed and thus was not in the show. Annoyances: public transit book interrupters, grocery store lane cloggers, indecisive thrift store shoppers, boyfriends who game, small dogs that ride in special purses, babies as fashion accessories, silly family names. Also, our first voice mail! Keep them coming.... (206) 338-6194 for voice mail.
Direct download: CATS_060806.m4a
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 1:48 AM

Laura, Dwight and Sasha ask the question: "What superpower would you choose to have?" Horrifying cockroach stories. Halley weighs in Today is 6-6-06. Oooo scary! We have a new voicemail line as of tonight: 206-338-6194. Leave us voicemail and we'll try to play it. Also we love comments in iTunes or on the website! You can also email us at coffeean (at) Laura: swiving (at) Dwight: dwight (at) Sasha: wrinkledhermit (at) Added bonus: Sasha's brother Gabe is in a band and has graciously offered use of one of their newest songs: "Home" by Standing Behind You With Knives. If you like this there are more to download from their MySpace page: Halley, Sasha and Michael left to go to a 666 party. Congratulations to Bill and Poppy, who are getting married tonight! Thank you to Michael, who took this photo of our ghetto studio. My Odeo Channel (odeo/771d8a6cd12a39dd)
Direct download: CATS_060606.m4a
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Welcome to our first show! Jigsaw puzzles are hard--they made show explicit. Dwight is trying to teach everyone to play Liar's Dice. Sasha and Laura torture Dwight. S has been trolling in D, L & S have all had Live Journal accounts. L says that MySpace sucks and Sasha agrees We talk of other online journal sites L used chase boys and kiss them in 5th grade. D knows where French Kiss is in Midtown Atlanta "The Human Insect Slave Song" We want coffee. Also Diet Coke. D and L have sex sometimes. (They are married) D loves Lifetime Television More D bashing D taught L to drive a stick shift. S is too underage to know that Mitch Hedberg's live DVD had hair issues. A festival of fake foreign guys on TV. A shout-out to Dawn&Drew, who inspired L to podcast!
Direct download: CATS_060206.m4a
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