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Tonight, with Sasha absent yet again, Laura and Dwight decide to give the dirt on how they first met. Prepare to be astounded at how cutesy-pie sentimental the two of them can get. Prepare to hurl!

Afterwards, enjoy a refreshing techno mix by DJ Bunnyboy, who created "Javaman" especially for this podcast as a gift to Laura. You can find him on MySpace! Check him out, especially if you like electronica, new wave and techno.

Shoutouts to GA Podcast Network and Tag In The Seam podcast.

For those of you who miss Sasha, she'll probably be recording the next episode. And check out Rocky Horror Pod Show the other podcast Laura's on with her friend Sean.

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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Quick show tonight. Sasha's schedule is wonky due to her going back to school. Laura will probably be using guest podcasters and odd scheduling. Also Laura, with her friend Sean, just started a new podcast called Rocky Horror Pod Show, which as far as we can tell, just may be the very first Rocky Horror Picture Show-oriented podcast ever! Give RHPS podcast a call at (206) DEW TOOT, aka (206) 339-8668 to give AP lines, news from your cast, or anything else you might want to contribute. The email address for that show is

Check out Madge Weinstein at Yeast Radio. She's been very kind to us lately by pimping our tiny little show on her wildly popular podcast. Thanks Madge!

Also, our new friend Graham Holland, whose song "Never Trust A Panda" was played on our last show, tells us he now has his own podcast: It's A Frog's Life. Check it out for great acoustic music from the other side of the pond.

Finally, a while back Maia was playing with voice effects in Garageband and came up with a little story she called "The Princess and the Prince." Check it out.

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Shut up Dwight!
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Voicemail: (206) 338-6194

Tonight's topic is nature.

Sasha, Dwight and Laura come up with a strange performance, where each writes separately and then they put it all together. Then we all argue about who did the worst job on the play.

By the way, you should never trust pandas.

Graham Holland, who agrees with us, sings "Never Trust A Panda" from his album It's a Frog's Life. If you like his music, you can find out more about him here. Laura likes bald men. :P

You can find music to purchase from this artist and more like him on the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Help support independent music today!

We also play music from a local Atlanta band on this show, Eclectic Roots Ensemble (ERE) who perform "Original Flatbush Don from their album Roots and Grass. Laura friended them on MySpace and we think they are fantastic.

Thanks for listening!

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Voice mail: (206) 338-6194

Dwight is not present for this show.

Halley, Sasha and Laura really like to go to Art Mondays at Apache Cafe. However, last time we went a guy asked Sasha to pose nude.

Does it sound like a line to you? It did to us too.

We give examples of guys acting the fool.

Music: Dave from Chub Creek "Gary Has Big Nipples" from Living In Oblivion


Music: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Bring It On" from Nocturama

Be sure to pop our show at PopCurrent and visit our MySpace page.

Podshow Podsafe Music Network

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A new Muffinbread is up! Call (206) 338-6194 to leave a comment for Maia-- I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Like the first Muffinbread, this episode is family-friendly. Maia came up with the story and wrote it all, though she and Sasha improvised quite a bit.

In this episode, Muffinbread falls asleep and has a strange dream, in which the monkey Blueberry can talk-- with a British accent. Well, at least as much of an accent as Madonna. Blueberry's voice is a lot like Sasha's after a bender.

Muffinbread is unable to fly in her dream.

In a musical sequence, Maia leads Sasha and Halley on a musical journey exploring her eyebrow. The song is dirgelike and mournful. You may become depressed. I know I did.

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Voice Mail: 206-338-6194

We were asked by a guy on MySpace to post more pictures of ourselves. Sasha came over and we took at lot of photos in the emo teen MySpace style. I posted them on our MySpace Pics if you want to go look at them. You have to be a member to see them. I don't make the rules!

Last Saturday, after Rocky Horror, we all went to IHOP, as is our habit. I brought the iRiver and this is the result. On this you'll hear mostly Sasha and Jevocas, with Hoover, Matt, Connie the waitress and me. Please excuse the poor sound quality.

We have a winner of the sound effects contest. Let me know who you are so you can get your prize.

Tonight's music is "Woolly Mammoth" by Robert Farrell, from his album Sun House Fury. This can be found at

Don't forget to friend us on MySpace.

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