I have so many shows to put up. Bear with me--I am extremely busy at work and haven't been home long enough to edit much. ~Laura
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A couple of weeks ago, Sasha and I were interviewed at Wafflehouse after Rocky Horror by Amber and Rusty, the co-hosts of the award-winning podcast from Georgia Podcast Network "Mostly ITP" under their Meet Your Affiliates program. We talked about Coffee and Tea Show as well as Muffinbread, Rocky Horror Pod Show and Lambda Psi Phi. Not to mention bacon. If I get permission from Amber and Rusty, I'll post the interview here.
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Dwight, Halley, her friend Michael and I have been working in the backyard all day trying to destroy an English ivy mat that has taken over the place. When we had dogs, we sort of let them have run of the yard, but now they both passed away from old age and since Halley's home from college and mosquito season is over, she felt it was time to tackle this problem. The ivy was probably planted in our woodsy neighborhood sometime in the 50s or 60s and all the neighbors have had a terrible time erradicating it. Now it's our turn.

We're starting in one corner of the yard and rolling it up like carpet, pulling up roots as we go. It's slow going and we are all very sore and scraped up. It's a lot of hard work for four out-of-shape people. If we were less scrupulous and had more money, we'd be tempted to hire some of the men who hire themselves out as day laborers.

We just ate some pizza and took a little break, but now it's back to the yardwork. Any tips to make this go easier? Can we just compost the ivy or do we need to bag it up and carry it to the curb?

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I was looking over my stats and noticed that some folks listened to Coffee and Tea Show from a link to Noisely.  I wondered what that was and was really impressed.

It's a web-based player from the podcast directory YouLoud. You go to the site and type a few words of your interests, and the site does the rest. This would be a good way to try out some podcasts and have something playing while you do other work on your computer.

I am very impressed. Does anyone else have any other easy-peasey sources for podcast listeners like this?

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I am so tired of waiting for the power supply so I can put up a new show. Every day I ask Dwight if he has any tracking information, since it was he who ordered it. It was supposed to arrive this week, or so we hoped. I wanted to podcast a couple of shows this weekend because it is difficult to get any in during the week, but it looks like all is for lost.

If you miss the sound of my voice, you can always catch Sean and me on Rockypod because I am still trying to get that show online through hook or crook, but this show is my baby--my first podcast--and it feels neglected. I haven't called Sasha to see if she wants to record lately because of the computer issues.

Once you start podcasting regularly you start thinking about it all the time. You want to save your stories for the show. You listen to people tell you things because you want to pass those tales on. I feel like we have so much to say but someone slapped duct tape over our mouths.

Anyway, I have a couple of people lined up as guests on the show as soon as I can confirm a time to get together with them. I think you'll like them!

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I am posting this at work (after I'm off the clock). Why, you may ask?

My computer is down and has been for about two weeks. I am waiting for a new power supply to come in (it has been hard to find one--the computer is a 1999 Sawtooth Mac G4 and there were 2 versions of the power supply made for that year. Needless to say, pricey as well.).

I do have a show in the works but haven't been able to post it or even get to it. Sasha's been very busy with school and hasn't been able record for a while but Dwight and his friend Daniel helped me record a show.

Bear with me folks, and keep subscribed. I love you all and miss you.

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Today I went to the grocery store where a little boy pointed me out to his mother and said, "Momma, Halloween is over and that lady still has her Halloween costume on."

But I feel pretty good though because right before that a lady came up to me and asked me what color my hair was because it was so beautiful.

We're going to be working on Podcamp Atlanta today at 9:00 Eastern with an online meetup. We wanted face-to-face at Java Monkey in Decatur, but that was nixed because so many of the organizers live way north of there. I think that some of us still plan to meet there next Sunday though.

I can hardly wait. We plan to have Podcamp in March, though details are still being worked out. Anyone in the south who either has a show or wants to start a podcast would do well to attend this free event.

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