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Tonight's topic is brother-in-laws and other folks you can count on to use their skills to help you out of a jam.

Sasha needs a brother-in-law who's a hitman. Another handy one would be a lawyer, one who runs a handy meth lab and would let you buy your meth at cost, and one who is a movie producer.

Topic changes to Laura, Dwight, Halley and Maia's trip to Alaska, where Laura suffered a case of mistaken identity.

Laura tells a dirty joke.

Laura and Sasha are going to Dragon*con this year and hope to meet other podcasters. For the first time, there is a Podcasting Track.

The Sound Effects Contest appears to be a bust, but you can still get your MP3s in by August 1 to win.

Tonight's musical guest: Mean Gene Kelton and The Diehards sing "My Baby Don't Wear No Panties" from their album "Most Requested." They are brought to you by music.podshow.com and have been getting a lot of attention on the internets lately. Check them out.

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Tonight, we talk about compulsive behavior we have.

Cockroaches on penises, again. Compulsive eating rituals. Money handling. Alphabetical spices and DVDs. The correct way to hang toilet paper. Socks and shoes. Underware.

We are still running the sound clips contest. Get your MP3s to us by August 1st and win some VHS-format 80's porn from the Korean dollar store. Must be 18 and in the continental US to win.

This show is post dated since we probably won't record next week. D&L are on vacation!!

Tonight's podsafe musical guest: Jim Taft, "Bare-Boned Baby" from album Mr. Too.

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This is a special podcast made by Laura and Dwight's youngest daughter Maia, with help by Sasha and Maia's older sister Halley. We haven't figured out a good way to host or promote this yet, but we think it's fantastic and want everyone to hear it.

Maia is 11 years old and is going into the sixth grade. She made the opening music in Apple Garageband 3 and recorded herself singing the lyrics she wrote three times and then mixing the tracks together. She also wrote and directed the episode, though Sasha did some improv with the Nana Gatt character. Halley sang backup and edited the piece.

Maia has created half of another episode and has some ideas for other podcasts. She would love some feedback-- either here, on the MySpace, via email at coffeeandteashow@gmail.com or from the CATS listener line (206) 338-6194. Any feedback we receive we'll pass on to her.

Thanks for listening!

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Recently, the secret documents of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine killers were revealed to the Denver Post under the Freedom of Information Act. They are quite chilling to everyone who reads them, which of course leads us to reading Jonathan Swift's dark satire "A Modest Proposal" when we were all in school.

We all come up with ways to cynically reduce the population, to reduce the poor so the rich can prosper. Remember, this is satire, folks!


Our sound effects contest continues. We need your wacked- out sound effects! Please send them to our email address at coffeeandteashow@gmail.com. The files need to be in MP3 format. The contest is only open to folks 18 and up, though if you are younger, you still can send in your MP3-- you just won't win the prize, which is 80s-era VHS-format Korean dollar store porn, only watched once! For that matter, the prize will only be sent in the continental US.

Some music provided tonight is from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at music.podshow.com. Tonight's artist is George Hrab, performing "She Suffers From Superlatives" from his album "Interrobang."

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Voicemail: (206) 338-6194

Laura, Dwight, Sasha, and our friend Michael took Halley to the infamous Atlanta strip club The Clermont Lounge for Halley's 21st birthday. The strippers there are famous for not having regular stripper looks--there are ladies of all ages, weights, state of inking and birth genders performing there. It's great! We'll go again and bring listeners along as well!

We're announcing a contest in which listeners create sound effects in MP3 format and email them to us at coffeeandteashow@gmail.com. The winner will receive some 80s softcore porn we bought at a Korean dollar store and only watched once. It's called "Foxy Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads." We believe it was filmed in the mid-eighties and it is in VHS format, naturally. So the contest is only open to 18-and-up and is limited to the continental United States. The winner will be announced in August. We'll play everything we receive, though.

Tonight's music is from Beau Hall and is called "Superhot Lady Cop." It comes to us from the Podshow Podsafe Music Network.

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