First of all, June 26th is Dwight's 52nd birthday.

Dwight had a big crush on unseen daughter of game show champ. Laura was in love with Bobby Sherman. Did anyone ever crush on Screech, from Saved By The Bell? Was Screech in a fight with Danny Bonaduce? Sasha loved David Duchovny. Sasha loved David Bowie from Labyrinth. Dwight liked Danny Bonaduce? He loved Darryl Hannah. Actually he loved Jane Fonda in Klute. He loved Rachael Welch in One Million Years B.C. Sasha crushed on Billy Corgan. She once saw a cop at Marietta Diner who resembled him. Sasha did not have a crush on a guy we called Turkish Waiter.

Stories about Turkish Waiter, Marietta Diner, and Hipsters.

We talk about Dwight's birthday cake.

Laura never had crush on Donny Osmond. Sasha never had crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. People we knew who liked Hansen, Boys to Men, New Kids on the Block, N'Sync, David Cassidy. Laura had big crush on Gilligan. Sasha and Kaitee have big crush on Steve Buscemi. Dwight had big crush on Marlo Thomas of That Girl. Nobody crushed on Rodney Dangerfield. Sasha sort of liked Zack from Saved By The Bell. Laura's sister liked John Travolta who played Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back, Kotter.

What is a crush?

Dwight's penis is brought up, again.

Atlanta's Gay Pride parade is better than Atlanta's 4th of July and Christmas Parades. Sasha danced with a drag queen.

Listener calls describing personal injuries relating to last show.

Listener hotline: (206) 338-6194


Call us or send us amusing emails to read on show!

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Join us as we lick our wounds.

Sasha's half stigmata. Halley's dog bite. The time Dwight slammed Halley's hand in door frame. The time Sasha's mom slammed Sasha's hand in car door. Laura split her head open on a rock covered in chicken shit. Sasha pushed a boy on rocks and split his head open. He later cracked her spine. Dwight's older brother sliced his head open when he was two and Dwight was one. His brother also hit him in the head with a 2x4 which he was using as a golf club. Dwight's sledgehammer incident. The time Laura's mom cut her finger in a blender. The time Dwight's friend's dad cut off his finger in a meat grinder. Sasha's mom had similar injury. Sasha stepped on a board with a long roofing nail. Laura stepped barefoot on a broken sapling and got blood poisoning. Sasha got an infected finger from being bitten in a mosh pit. Dwight scares Sasha about AIDS from a human bite. Remembering AIDS and herpes in the 80s. Emo girl on field trip with Sasha had herpes.

Leave us a message at (206) 338-6194 or Leave us comments on iTunes.

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Our first promo, which is in universal MP3 format. It's about 34 seconds long.
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This show has no parrots.

15-year-old Ava Lowery receives death threats for anti-war video.

What would Jesus do?

Dwight's bits.

Zippers and samiches.

"Nothing But Nasty Shemales" and dollar store pr0n.

Flowers, graves, and goth genitals.

Dwight's nudity and road signs.

Cockroaches, yet again.

Mentos and Diet Coke fountain.

Disturbingly funny Folgers commercial.

Tipping at Waffle House.

The best burrito ever.

Picking up pizza at Papa Johns while sporting strange hair.

Listener hotline: 206-338-6194.

Email us at

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Today Laura did a show by herself. It's a short show and mic problems are hopefully solved.

Today's show is a tribute to Laura's dad, for Father's day.

Call our voicemail line at (206) 338-6194.

Talk about your own dad.

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Laura, Sasha and special guest Brandon. Brandon in town for Rocky Horror Picture Show cast Lambda Psi Phi's 6th anniversary show. QuikTrip's milkshakes are mighty tasty. Maybe too tasty. Dwight took Maia off to camp. Halley wore a red dress while playing Dr. Scott. Brandon has been mummified by Geena. Sleeping RHPS audience members are tortured. Babies, especially fat ones, are good eatin'! An encounter with cracked-out Goodwill shoppers. Is our haircolor natural? I think not. Sometimes places smell like horses unexpectedly. We know nothing of rural oddities. 6/10 LPP show sold out. Brandon stealth-performed Riff Raff. Lucas as Eddie is frightening to Cesar as Columbia. Maia's new Muffinbread podcast will touch on gay marriage. Promo for Maia's show. How does one best record phone calls for podcasts? Call our voicemail: (206) 338-6194. Cockroach Penis Techno was sent to us and played.
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Today's episode is short because we got a phone call that caused us to forget to start recording again! Also, while Halley was present, she didn't speak. Maia did talk though. Dwight had gone to bed and thus was not in the show. Annoyances: public transit book interrupters, grocery store lane cloggers, indecisive thrift store shoppers, boyfriends who game, small dogs that ride in special purses, babies as fashion accessories, silly family names. Also, our first voice mail! Keep them coming.... (206) 338-6194 for voice mail.
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Laura, Dwight and Sasha ask the question: "What superpower would you choose to have?" Horrifying cockroach stories. Halley weighs in Today is 6-6-06. Oooo scary! We have a new voicemail line as of tonight: 206-338-6194. Leave us voicemail and we'll try to play it. Also we love comments in iTunes or on the website! You can also email us at coffeean (at) Laura: swiving (at) Dwight: dwight (at) Sasha: wrinkledhermit (at) Added bonus: Sasha's brother Gabe is in a band and has graciously offered use of one of their newest songs: "Home" by Standing Behind You With Knives. If you like this there are more to download from their MySpace page: Halley, Sasha and Michael left to go to a 666 party. Congratulations to Bill and Poppy, who are getting married tonight! Thank you to Michael, who took this photo of our ghetto studio. My Odeo Channel (odeo/771d8a6cd12a39dd)
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Welcome to our first show! Jigsaw puzzles are hard--they made show explicit. Dwight is trying to teach everyone to play Liar's Dice. Sasha and Laura torture Dwight. S has been trolling in D, L & S have all had Live Journal accounts. L says that MySpace sucks and Sasha agrees We talk of other online journal sites L used chase boys and kiss them in 5th grade. D knows where French Kiss is in Midtown Atlanta "The Human Insect Slave Song" We want coffee. Also Diet Coke. D and L have sex sometimes. (They are married) D loves Lifetime Television More D bashing D taught L to drive a stick shift. S is too underage to know that Mitch Hedberg's live DVD had hair issues. A festival of fake foreign guys on TV. A shout-out to Dawn&Drew, who inspired L to podcast!
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