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Maia wants to sneak out of the house this summer and go on a cruise.

Our first song is "Ocean" by The Sharking.

We talk about Maia going to camp in a swamp, where she deals with large and small frogs, makes track molds and examines owl pellets.

Next we play "Swamp Dingo" by Kevin Christensen, from his album Portion of Space.

Maia has so many things she wants to do. She wants guitar lessons. Also canoeing. Also start babysitting, though Maia will not deal with diapers--baby nor adult. Also watch a lot of anime and play some games.

We got our music tonight from Podshow Podsafe Music Network. We are proud affiliates of blubrry.com and Georgia Podcast Network.

And now here's a podsafe version of "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield from the Monterey International Pop Festival, recorded 40 years ago during the Summer of Love! Thanks to their label Razor & Tie for making this wonderful recording available.
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My boo Graham Holland's voice mail.

My daughter says she's having a wonderful time in Costa Rica. She mentioned the deadly Fer-de-lance, which is common where she's staying. I need some monkey photos.

My first song is "Daylight" by The Shakes.

My cat Casper has never been neutered. We never let him out though, so we don't feel all that guilty about it. But now he wants to have a sexy time with my leg. I pushed him away so he peed on my purse and got my wallet, camera case, iRiver case all wet. I can't get the smell out.

A guy hit on me at the international grocery store. That was strange. Nobody hits on me.

I like that store because I can get Pocky, teas, little cookies called Colon Cream, fried pea pods. Today I got some biscuits called Cafeteria Pie.

The Mooney Suzuki performs "99%" from their album Have Mercy.

My Rockypod partner Sean and I are starting a new podcast to alternate with Rocky Horror Pod Show. We haven't completely worked out all the details.

Our music tonight comes from Podshow Podsafe Music Network. Friend me on facebook: I'm luara dot mom at gmail dot com. Also friend me at twitter.com/flyswatter. Oh yeah, give me some voicemail at 206-338-6194.

Tonight's closing music is "Big Green Coffee Cup" by The Dave Morford Hostage Crisis.


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Welcome to another episode of Coffee and Tea Show

I'm Laura and I'm flying solo tonight. I go off on an emo rant about being exhausted and overworked and problems coworkers are having. Ignore my whining and scratchy voice.


Coffee and Tea Show is back from hiatus and will probably be a mostly solo show from now on, since Sasha and Dwight are otherwise occupied. When they can be on the show, they will be.

CATS is less than one month shy of being a year old. Hard to believe!


A rant about how my brilliant daughter, who is studying the rain forest in Costa Rica, can't write letters.

I play a love song from my buddy, the UK musician and podcaster Graham Holland, which I got from Podshow Podsafe Music Network - "I Breathe Again" is a love song and I felt it was a great choice because I really love you guys.

We're part of Blubrry.com. Voicemail 206-338-6194. Go to our MySpace, or you can join twitter.com and friend me (I'm Flyswatter).
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