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In this episode Sasha and Laura start out talking about computers. Sasha is learning to use her new Mac laptop. Laura has problems with her computer freezing up when it goes to MySpace, which is lame. There are, of course, more rants about angry sweaters. Old school modems are discussed, such as on that movie You Got Mail, a movie we both sort of hate. Sasha looks for free WiFi.

Sasha was looking at Little Pageant Girl Photoshoppery before she started recording. Sasha used to Photoshop her face into random family portraits. Laura used to worry that Sasha was sad and wistful when she used to do that. Sasha said she used to join Live Journal Rate-Me communities but Laura thought she said "Rape Me communities." Possibly this is a Nirvana reference.

Why do people like MySpace when Live Journal is so much better and easier to use?
MySpace is now even making its way into bathroom graffiti.

Wouldn't it be ironic if TrimSpa was Anna Nicole's killer? Britney is now the designated crazy white trash celebrity. Sasha is in a really easy class this semester with tests involving Britney and K-Fed. Laura explained to Dwight why she calls Quiznos "Jizz-nos."

There's a new yuppie-urban Walmart nearby. Weird.

New fortune cookie game.

Our music tonight comes from "Rocket Science" by Brain Buckit from their self-titled album.
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Sean visits from Rockypod and rants about the sort of people who go to adult cons, people who buy all kinds of bling and can't afford to buy good clothes for their kids, people who rice up their car from stuff they buy at Pep Boys, people who have sex with plushies, Apple, Georgia's car tax, etc. Don't be offended!

Sasha will be in the next show.

Today's music is from "Goth Chick" by Baron Von Lichtenstein (aka Jim Stiene) from his album "Banned By The Ass Clown Regime." You can find his MySpace here.

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