As Amber from Georgia Podcast Network said, "This installment of Meet Your Affiliates is actually a two-fer. Laura and Sasha are both on The Coffee and Tea Show, and Laura is also on The Rocky Horror Pod Show. We recorded this interview in the wee hours of the morning, whilst feasting on tasty, greasy food. Soulful tunes from the Waffle House jukebox add to the ambiance of your listening experience."

Thanks guys for letting us use your interview! And to our listeners, I promise another Coffee and Tea Show is coming soon, once I get the LONG recording Dwight and I did edited down!
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A couple of weeks ago, Sasha and I were interviewed at Wafflehouse after Rocky Horror by Amber and Rusty, the co-hosts of the award-winning podcast from Georgia Podcast Network "Mostly ITP" under their Meet Your Affiliates program. We talked about Coffee and Tea Show as well as Muffinbread, Rocky Horror Pod Show and Lambda Psi Phi. Not to mention bacon. If I get permission from Amber and Rusty, I'll post the interview here.
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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Sasha has an old man sweater and it angers up her blood. It riles her and makes her feel like a jerk. She's also in a bad mood because of house hunting. A house they looked at had mildew on the walls.

Sasha and Laura are heading off to go to see LDOD play Rocky Horror at Plaza Theater with Rusty and Amber from Georgia Podcast Network. Rusty is to lose his Rocky virginity.

Sasha's getting plenty of hours at her job but Laura's job is pretty skimpy on hours lately.

Sasha brings up The Road to El Dorado. (Laura and Sean actually "reviewed" that movie on Rockypod earlier.)

Different LiveJournal communities are brought up: porn_macros, bad_porn_2, wtf_omgz, stupid_free, getoffmyspace.

Laura just opened a MySpace for Podcamp Atlanta and a LiveJournal community as well.

Sasha's enjoying Photobucket.

Laura brings up Coffee and Tea Show's Google hits, namely "Penis," "Crush" and "Torture." Sasha thinks we should blog "inflation fetish." Sasha finds Coffee and Tea Show under "Sasha's Mom."

Sasha inscribed her 4th generation iPod with the phrase: "I'll never get an iPod."

Some people are calling the new Apple iPhone the Jesus Phone. We'll never afford it anyway.

Laura plays "Jack Attack" by the band Don't Harass Betty, from their self-titled album.

Laura and Sasha then try to wake up Carmen, who listens to this show.

The final music is by Stephanie Harger, who sings "The Thought of You."

Today's music is from Podsafe Music Network.
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Voicemail: 206-338-6194

Our opening number is from DJ Bunnyboy, who kindly created the Javaman mix for Laura for her birthday back in August. It was time to dust it off and replay it. Awesome, isn't it?

Anyway, it's our 30th episode! Happy New Year! And thank goodness the holidays are over because its been rough.

Sasha went to a new year party but they forgot to drink. Laura stayed home with her family and watched all the episodes of Firefly with her daughter Halley. She thought they were "cute" but Sasha says Laura will be attacked by Browncoats for that.

We tell our resolutions. Sasha reveals she doesn't like piercers or dentists.

If you live in the Atlanta area and are interested in podcasting, mark your calendars for Podcamp Atlanta, March 16-18 at Emory University. It's totally free!
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